Fluid Sustainability

Fluid Sustainability

Fluid Sustainability is a collaborative project designed to create positive change for people, planet and profit through creativity and collaboration.

At Fluid Coffee Bar we rolled out our 1st  Fluid Sustainability Menu in October 2008.  We selected 5 items that would have a positive impact on people, the planet and our business. We then selected community partners that would become beneficiaries of the Menu for a selected time period.  For each item selected off the Fluid Sustainability Menu we made a 5 cent donation to our community partners. In January of 2009 we posted our 1st Fluid Sustainability Menu Report showing the impact and results. 

The first report showed that each cup really does matter.  With the success of the first report we set a goal to save 40,000 cups from entering a landfill in 2009. 

 “This is a big deal, not just because it has a positive impact on the environment, community and business but because it is a giant step in demonstrating how collaboration and creativity between small business and the local community can lead to positive change. “  Jeff Aitken, Owner Fluid Coffee Bar

By the end of 2012 we

1)  Saved 177,000 cups from entering a landfill.

2)  Contributed over $9,000 to community partners

3)  $3,500 in saving were accumulated by Fluid Coffee Bar Customers

What’s Next?

In April we rooled out next generation of Fluid Sustainability.  We added to the project the Fluid Sustainability Wheel (FSW).  This gives customers who use a travel mug the opportunity to spin the Sustainability Wheel.  In addition to Sustainability Menu, the Sustainability Wheel will give the customer an additional opportunity to have a positive environmental, social and/or economic impact on the world.

Click below for a list of Fluid Community Partners

Fluid Community Partners